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Nephryst-details by mikichihiro
Just a detail version of the finished art Click here :D

Other like this:

character belongs to © Voleno 
art by © mikichihiro
Request: Nephryst by mikichihiro
Request: Nephryst
Full Name: Nephryst Miraga
Age: Unknown (Appears 15)
Height: 4'7
Occupation: Traveler/Thief
Personality: Nephryst is the trickster type. She loves to mess with people and cause trouble by stealing things and bringing them back to her den. Another pastime of hers is fighting people in order to learn and mimic their attacks. She also gets grouchy at night or after being transformed for too long. Her overall goal is to have fun, whether it's at people's expense or not.
Weapon: Sedge Blade - A large, double-edged blade with three inset hilts.
Sub Weapons: Other Weapons, Magic Spheres
Fighting Style: The Blade transforms into the weapons of her different allies at the time, with the ability to learn their skills over a long period of time as she parties with the rest of the cast.
Magic: Earth, Water and Light Magic 
Original link here

Other version: Details here
First ever detailed request XD I did everything I could :meow:
and I'm pretty happy about it xD
This is his wonderful chara~ 
It's the first time that I used a dark skin color so it was pretty challenging XD
All in all I had fun doing her~ btw she's stepping on rocks XD :happybounce:

character belongs to © Voleno 
art by © mikichihiro
CE: Anziu
Contest entry for :iconvoleno:
Aaahhh~ finally~! I'm sooo done~! ;;v;; after sooo many trial and errors!
If you wanna see clean details of Anziu just > Click This! <

Magic spell casting characters FTW~! I am a dummy! 
When playing rpg's usually i'm either the support-magic type or the magic-attack type XD
Anziu fits perfectly on what I had in mind on what I want to do :love:
although the animation in my head was much more flawless ;o; I hope I drew her deadpan/serious face well though xD

Notes: The firey circle behind her is actually rotating a little XD
I can't  achieve the blinking eyes while floating and
the long hair moving at the same time so I gave up in the blinking part ;v;

All in all I had sooo muuch fun :D

character belongs to Voleno 
art by © mikichihiro
Anziu-details by mikichihiro
animation done here :la:
Other like this:
Details! The details!!! XD

Just wanted to show some of the details that I'm so proud of doing since it has been awhile~
and compare to my other art styles this is much prettier/cleaner. XD 

I'll upload my contest entry later, still doing the animation for this ever since XX days XD, just a little biiit more and it will be done~
I want to achieve the changing flow of hair and blinking eyes ;v; in the animation, and and.. I'm not afraid of drawing hands anymore ;;v;;

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] I'm so happy doing this~ 
and currently dying I think I've fainted. xD

This is Anziu from a gamer's and character of him in TERA online~ :D link of characters
character belongs to Voleno 
art by © mikichihiro
Headshot: Geezmo by mikichihiro
Headshot: Geezmo
This is Geezmo real name Izumori, 'Gee' stands for 'Geek',
He is a gamer and is good in any computer-related things, loves to read manga and watch anime
He used to be very fat like plumpy fat since he usually stays in his room and do computer stuffs xD
and is one of the classmates of Mizuki
Old characters reference sheet

Gonna completing everything and fill up their personality character sheet soon ;v; still busy~
for now just a little data about them and just making sketches and practicing this style xD

art and character/s belongs to © mikichihiro


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Heyaa Miki here~ :D

Tell something about yourself!
-- O-ok, I--I am shy, introverted and a self-taught artist XD
-- I love God :D He is my everything and I am always hoping that I could always make Him happy/smile~
I've never had the chance to go to an art school even though I want to.
I learn my techniques here on dA and on different sites and sometimes i experiment with it.
I love eating and I don't say no for adventure (as long as you'll treat me to food XD)

What are you proud of?
-- I have lots of things to be proud of one of it is having the talent/skill to draw is something I feel so blessed to have and learning from other artists is something fun and exciting to do.

What do you want to do in this lifetime?
-- I want to be a full time artist and well.. earn money by making art, I want to prove that artists can earn money well too!

What are you doing currently?
-- For now I'm struggling to practice more on drawing and coloring since I didn't had the time to do that much for the past 2 years I've been here on dA T_T you know~ fill up the time that I have lost.. buhuhu

Something else you wanna say?
-- Feel free to talk to me :D seriously I don't bite XD

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